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I just completed this course for the second time. The first was in 2007 or so with a a different group, and 12 years later and 2 years off a bike...I decided to take it again. I can not recommend this enough, and want to stress that its not just for new riders. It was a great way to get the muscle memory back, and it also provided some humbling teaching moments on things we just let slip as we think we are experienced. Now when purchase that new dream Harley I will ride with confidence that I will ride safer and have more fun. Seeing the new riders that hadnt touched a bike grow from struggling to just start a bike to passing a skills exam in 48 hours was awesome. The methods work if youre willing to approach the class with a open mind and a desire to be a safer rider. Thanks Bluegrass ! Sam and Tim were excellent. Cant wait to get out and put the good stuff to practice ! Nailing that exam with a perfect 0 was a great reward for the hard work too! (Employee: Paige Alford)
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Scott Carpenter
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