2019 Road Glide Special - 1 of a Kind
For various reasons my husband and I decided it was best to trade our 2015 and 2016 Road Glides for two 2019 Road Glide Specials. 2019 didnt offer any colors that really spoke to me, the denim grey was the only choice I remotely liked, but it wasnt quite unique enough as it was - I wanted something really different, kinda retro or old school looking. Jason the GM at BGHD suggested custom paint, I went home and scoured old Harley ads and found a layout with my all time favorite logo, the number 1. I laid out the paint in photoshop exactly as I wanted it...a faded black swath down each side to add a little grunge appearance and then added the 1 logo splitting the words Harley and Davidson...I gave them a screenshot of the design I created and 6 weeks later they presented me with an exact production of what I created! The paint combined with a few custom accessories and a stage 2 build on the M8 brought my dream bike to life, it looks amazing, sounds amazing, runs strong and is a so much fun to ride! A big thank you to the staff at BGHD, but especially Jason, Evan, Landon, Alex, John and Andy for their patience and attention to detail as we built my dream bike, from scratch! (Employee: Landon Campbell, Alex Campbell, Andy Baird, Jason Hinds, Jason Motz, Evan Schipper)
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Christy Schroeder
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